Day 1: Prague

[Annie:] Hello everybody. Today I write you from a cute and small hotel room and therewith show you guys just two portraits of us on the famous Charles Bridge (of course…). Each time I return to Prague I am totally amazed by the beauty and architectural finesse of the Old Town. More to come, but now: Sleep.

[Annie:] Okay, here we go with more pictures. We went to our hotel, which we really recommend: Pivovar. It was nice, clean, the price not to mention. Afterwards we went to the metro station to get into the city center. At the metro station we had trouble with the tickets for the metro due to the counters which just take czeck Kronen and furthermore just coins. The money counter just released 2000 Cr in a paper format, so we UNFORTUNATELY were forced to buy two cans of beer (Annie has just two sentences she can say in czeck. One of them is: Ja Chze Pivo! Yei, it is something!).

Then we were as always totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the architecture but as time goes by we could no longer focus on the architecture because we where really hungry. So it was time to go hunting some food!

After we tried the Popo Café Petl (because it as “Popo Café” and I guess I do not have to translate it and tell you why it is funny, do I?) we continued to a place which was a m a z i n g: U Modré Kachničky (Nebovidská, Praha 1). At first we went inside and at once out again because it was so posh and we got scared. Poor students… posh restaurant… well.

But then we remembered that we have teeny tiny balls and we went inside and took a seat. After reading the card we were both convinced to treat us well with the traditional bohemian meal: Duck, dumplings, bacon, deer, brown sauce, white and red cabbage and water with red wine. Geez, it was so good. We literally rolled home afterwards but I have never sleeped that deep. Happy.

Next day standing up at 8 AM and after having a nice breakfast (take a look at the picture) we took a seat in our racing machine and well, off to WARZAWA, POLAND!

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