Day 2: Warszawa, Poland

[Annie:] Wow, POLAND! You wild beast! I write one day delayed because we… were too busy in Poland.

First: Pictures (Excuse the bad quality but we are still on the street and I just reach my mobile phone faster than my camera…)

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We first got stuck on the streets in Czeck Republic and then on the streets in Poland because they basically do not have the good old AUTOBAHN! And without Autobahn and with strict speed limits it just takes a long time for you to get from one point to another (even if the Polish drivers do not really give a f about speed limits. But we just have a small car and combined with 60 Horse Powers…) As we arrived in Poland the nature changed to being really spooky and gloomy. Imagine a marshland with brachial wood and high contrasted trees (black bark, light green treetops) and not to mention that they have a huge amount of lost places (see the picture of the castle ruins? How cool is that!) Wow, I realise I am really into Poland. 😉

When we arrived in Warszawa we straight went into our hostel. It was really low priced (15 bucks per night and person!) and all the people we met there were totally kind and nice and also did not spare with alcohol. 😉 So we got selfmade pirogue and a few bottles of cilantro beer! It tastes like a flower. Heavenly!

The hostel is really worth to visit. For us it was a precious time due to directly falling into the polish way of living which we really appreciate. Oh, and not to mention the amazing art! I really laughed when I saw the painting of one man with two women and their obviously shown nippees. Precious!

8 AM again we got up and a wonderful elder lady made us some super strong coffee and scrambled eggs with bacon. The coffee really got straight into the blood. 😉 We are not that much used to that, but you actually drink it when it still contains the ground coffee (see the picture).

We said goodbye to the wonderful people and got into the machine again. Yei. Off to Kaunas, Lithuana!

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