Day 3: Kaunas, Lithuana

[Annie:] Hello everybody! Writing you from the 4star hotel room in Kaunas. Whoop, whoop. As you know we were not actually into a luxury way to travel but it was so low priced, that we just booked this hotel (25 EUR/wild thing). I think you can agree that this is not expensive…

Okay, Kaunas. We both do not know ANYTHING about the baltic countries Lithuana, Latvia and Estonia, so we thought we could get… surprised? I do not know. After yesterday with fairly little sleep and a rather harsh car ride, I was just so happy about expecting a bathroom with a bathtube and a huge bed. I got really tired when we crossed the border from Poland to Lithuana and I really missed the view 😦 I was half asleep for another 1,5 hour I think and woke up when we already drove into Kaunas. The car ride contained basically just more REALLY beautiful nature (as I mentioned before… Poland, you sexy beast!) but really long distances with construction works which was really exhausting to get through (as you can see in the featured image).

Fun fact: Our trip sounds so nice and adventurous but it is actually just sitting in a tiny car and talking about your life for hours, eating corny knuspy muesli bars or listening to The Hobbit or just staring into the wild and laughing about crazy words. Such as HUWAGA! (Haihappen Huwaga!) or Podborze (Du dumme Podborze, du!).

And as we arrived in Kaunas, the navigation system of the car leaded us into a dead end. We stood between small wooden houses of witches or it at least looked like that. Poland was already really broke down and not “common sense” beautiful and Kaunas again is really shabby but in a charming way. I never thought for one second “EW, I do not want to be here.”. It is just as it is, and it is good how it is. It is real.

Later on we just pampered ourselves with nice food from the hotel restaurant and a long hot bath! Now we practice Netflix & Chill…

We really need to calm down tonight but one last thing to celebrate: We already drove 1460 kilometres!

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