Day 4: Riga, Latvia

[Annie:] Hey there Riga! Today we are able to present many pictures because we arrived at 3 PM already and did have a lot of time to walk around and our hostel is right in the city centre. Yei. (And we were more active today than yesterday. Kaunas actually was pretty dead where we were located. Sooorrry for being lazy unwild things.) And we got to fill our tank with 1,19 EUR per litre. I just want to make my german friends jealous ;-). No, I already told you about the no – Autobahn facts, so I think we are quit. But we are very proud to drive with 4.8 lt/km. Yeah, skills.

I am writing you right now with my belly full of black peas and pork bacon, dumplings (Maultaschen), cabbage and potatoes, different cheeses with cranberries and the regional beer. We went to Salve. It was really good, nice, worth the price but a little bit tourist crowded. They typically served the peas with a full glass of buttermilk. I thought it tastes weird (you are not supposed to mix it, but first eat then take a sip of the thick milk) but Clara liked it pretty much. I think I am just not so much into dairy products (or the Latvians are strange πŸ˜‰ ).

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(I added a funny slideshow for you again… Leave me a comment if this works out for you!)

The hotel is super cute. Our room just does not have any windows but a huge fake window with light behind it. A little strange is that they always ask us if it is right and intended that we just have ONE bed (kingsized, but just one). Since Poland they keep asking that question. Well it might be that we want to cuddle a lot!? What about that, hm? πŸ˜‰ No, it is just fully fine this way. But until now we did not receive an emergency banana (when we booked the hostels/hotels we always wrote as a joke that we please want one emergency banana for the extra apetite.) How sad. MIMIMI!

But they managed to let us park our racing machine in a closed garage. So that is pretty good as well. Oh and the sun is shining as well with solid 6Β° C. We also found some little turds of snow. Wow.

( P.S. I feel strange to only write super nice stuff but I think until now everything just works out pretty good I guess?)

Tomorrow will be pretty thrilling because we are going to Tallinna (Estonia) and in the evening we will also go by ferry to Helsinki (over the huge pond). Today we already saw a little bit of ocean water. It is really black. I do not know why. But you can barely see a few centimeters through it.

One surprise which was hidden in our closet: I found ANOTHER huge Metal Fan! Whoop! We have a mind blowing time. Badumm Ts!


Okay I am done with my bad jokes.

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