Day 5/1: Tallin, Estonia & Helsinki, Finland

[Annie:] Wow, I actually do not know where to start today. I want to tell you a story in chronological order but then something else comes to my mind and suddenly I write a huge mash up of stuff which is totally confusing. I need some sort of new order. So let us work on this together. You need to think actively today, guys! I hope I do not miss match the pictures we took. Which country is this? Which language? Let us solve the riddle together…. & here we go:

First part: Riga – Tallinna

We stood up at 8 something and went to the breakfast hall. People in Latvia are not so much into english so communication was not as smooth as we are used to but all in all everybody was nice and we communicated a lot with gestures and a loud “Hello” and “Thank You” and “Good Bye”. So after we fetched our racing machine out of the parking lot we got on the streets again. Striking how the nature changed within a few kilometres! We made it through sparse fields and Polands wonderful moor woods but in Latvia/Estonia the nature offered a motley assortment of reddish, yellow sandy soil and birch forest mixed with long patterns of pine woods (blackish and yellow-ish-y-whatever bark and light green tops).  Later on I remembered the rare sky which sometimes appear in Estonia. But take a look by yourselves… (oh, and finally the so much missed signs for elks. This means we are really far from home.)

AND THEN we finally finally finally met someone very beautiful again: The Baltic Sea (where the E67, huge street from Latvia – Estonia, crosses the sea.) I was so happy to see the free horizon (for someone who never had that due to the Alps it might be amazing to see just nothing. …. Anyways… for me it makes sense.)

Second Part: Tallinn

Maybe it would be better if Clara wrote this part. She immediately fell in love with Tallinn! Therefore first of all, I present solemnly:

The whole Old Town is super medieval and shabby and in very good condition (castle walls…!) and they keep up the spirit by presenting themselves in medieval restaurants e.g. but do also not tend to be just catchy for the tourists. It is really cute and worth visit, maybe a little bit more worth it than its big brother, Riga. 😉

Oh and while Clara took amazing pictures I did… my stuff:


Now I am done for today. It is far too late and tomorrow will be harsh again. Oh, and did I mention that I yesterday finally realised that we are one hour ahead? UMC + 2 ! I did not even think of that when I was still at home. Facepalm. Anyway, my body is confused and now demands its rest. Good Night.

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