Day 5/2: Transit to Helsinki

[Annie:] Hey everyone I continue with part 2 of yesterday.

So we also went to get some food at a place wich name was Popular Café Och Bar, but I think I would recommend everything there. Just like the whole east euorpean countries, Estonia celebrates its fantastic food culture. I had a salad with beetroot, champions, bacon, fried black bread and a cheesecake with strawberry mush. Clara had typical dumplings and a pancake with beetroot, feta cheese and tomatoes. Her drink was pomgranate sprizzzzz something… and I had ginger ale. Pew. Oh and coffee. Oh and Clara had a warm chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream. Maybe we will get fat lol. Nevermind my face but I was actually happy. 🙂 Perks of having a resting bitch face…

And then the biggest adventure: Transit with the ferry “Finlandia” by Eckerö Line. It sounds so complicated, doenst it? But it actually went like this: Book, hop on, drink a beer, hop off, done. We first drove from Riga straight to the harbour in Tallin. The direction to the Terminal A, where “Finlandia” was leaving, was written out since we entered Tallin. We parked the car and went to the info point where they told us that we just had to follow the signs where it said “Eckerö Line” while sitting in our car, thats it. We then drove to the inner city where everything happened which I told you before (AND HERE IT IS: The problem with the chronological order! Meh! But, find it out on your own, please… You do have a brain, too. Its not fair, I know, but life is not fair. And there are people who are not good in writing. So am I. But I am kind and I can eat a lot, so fair enough. Annie, out!).

Okay, so this is what happened (Sony XPeria X3 Pictures … sorry for the bad quality.)

Harbour Tallin
Stairway to heaven (into mommy ferrys big belly)
driving into the ferry
park inside the ferry
being born by mommy ferry again
tervetuola Helsingissä
harbour of Helsinki

And here look what nature gave to us. It was just a f**ing amazing time. LOOK (and get envious! 😉 )

Helsinki made us so happy, I really cannot describe. You need to know that this travel was planned by me for 1,5 years by working intensively for 3 years in 2-5 jobs at the same time. So this gave me goosebumps for realizing that we actually made it. Sorry for the feels, but this is something I have to mention due to the fact that somebody might misunderstand our travel as luxury vacation. It is not. I worked for that. A lot. And I do not want to make vacation, this is serious business travel, bitches! 😀

Now lets drop all the serious stuff, and get back to F U N! Easter Egg: We booked all our hotels/hostels with one special wish: To place one emergency banana on the left bed for the emergency situation of being super hungry when we arrive. (SERIOUS REASON, PEOPLE!)

Until now it got ignored and here look at this (awwwe!)… :


Chronological order dismiss again, sorry:

On the ferry we drank suomi beer (as i mentioned before) and in the same bar some finish people began to sing karaoke. For me karaoke is just torture, but the finnish people REALLY loved it and really went crazy for it! Many couples began to dance right to the karaoke music. And they sang all perfectly well. They sang finish songs, I did not know but for me it was the cutes but the craziest thing to watch on a ferry trip.

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