Day 6: Oulu/ Haukipudas

[Annie:] Hey there everybody. I am writing delayed, sorry for that. Meanwhile we arrived in our new home, but we first take two steps back:

Helsinki – Oulu/Haukipudas

We booked a hostel in Haukipudas which is located 30 km in the north of Oulu. As usually we travelled still without any problems (!). The car was fine, we were fine, everything was fine. Tadaa!

In Haukipudas we already expected to be in the deepest winter wonderland but still there was not that much snow (a few spots of 30 cm snow) but still it was warm (about 4 degrees) and the sun was shining plenty of the time we stayed there. When we went into the Hotel Samantta / Best Western we were amazed!

I already told you about the emergency banana thing, so FINALLY we really found a banana on the pillow of the left bed! So cute. I guess they thought the worst of us, but nevermind…! Banana!


Helsinki – Oulu (pretty rocky but still no snow)

And after we treated us well with a HUGE burger in Pirtti Burger House we straightly went into the sauna. Small, wooden, nice. and about 95 degrees. Just how we like it. 😀

Afterwards we were wandering around a little. Haukipudas has about 19.000 inhabitants (which is not very much bigger than my hometown) and many of them are pretty young! In Lithuania it was noticeable that most of the people we met were very old (60 +!) but in Finland we met a lot of young people!

AMAZING breakfast in Haukipudas

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