Week 1: Doggies Overload

Hey everybody. After (nearly) the first week in Lapland I am back to send you a few words. We are still in our first learning (by doing) sequence which we really need to incorporate and internalise first. I learn so much about anatomy, dog handling, animal care and a great teamwork for such a workload – it might be easier for Clara because she is a veterinarian (in case you did not know) – right now I might write different posts about that. Sorry for not being structured right now. Maybe let the pictures speak first … đŸ™‚

Oh and one funny fact about the working equiptment: Shoes can never be too big. I brought my (very loyal) hiking boots but after one day I realised I could not walk properly due to the ice in the kennels and on the connecting roads and I was literally slipping through the kennels. Then I kindly received a pair of solid and heavy workboots (same size) and they already were tremendously bigger than my (I thought big) hiking boots. And then I found some boots which were …. the biggest shoes I have ever seen in my life. I guess you need proper boots for – 30 degrees. đŸ™‚ Matrjoschka for boots. Take a look:



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