Update: 1 month of work done

Hey everybody. Now first of all a big sorry for not updating you guys enough. The charging cable of my notebook said goodbye a few weeks ago and I had it replaced by amazon yesterday.

The question was if I could receive my cable … at all. But yes, we are far away from the civilisation but not unreachable. If you do not know the post service in Finnland, here a short introduction:

Usually the houses in Lapland which are more than about 1 km away from each other have their own letterbox directly placed on the next bigger street (ours is located at the camp side, we are not far away from the next bigger street). Inside of the letterbox you can find a little cat’s eye on a string. When you need a package or letters or postcards to be send you just hang the reflector out of the letterbox so the postman can recognise where he has to stop to fetch letters or else. The letters have to be post-paid first of course.

I LOVE IT! It is the most simple, direct, yet unconventional way to deal with the post “problem” I am used to from Germany where you have to carry your stuff to public letterboxes or post office branches… not to mention the complicated ways you need to face when you want to receive a package (“in legal terms the postman has to ring two times, right!?”).

Tomorrow I will take a few pictures of the letterbox to show you what this actually looks like. I usually do not carry my phone with me, because I do not really need it besides TRYING to take pictures of the dogs which are basically more focused on licking, nibbling off or poking the phone (or me) than striking a pose of my pictures.

Levi for example:


Or Araphoe (well….):


And another reason why I cannot always carry my phone with me is, that my pockets are full.

What I carry in my pockets to work and manage about 80 dogs/day and 5 horses?

Let’s see:

First and most important: Medicine and eyedrops. As I take care of the “Oldies” I need a lot of eyedrops to give due to sight problems. Imagine elderly persons – they have the same aches and pains as elderly doggos. All of the dogs are super brave and kind and I got used to give them very fast. Medicine is mixed into the food so just … eat up, fellows!

Second and also pretty important: Working gloves. We work most of the time with our hands and as I was used to work on the notebook or in the university I need to protect them very much. And you need a certain grip to control food trowel, drive snowmobile, carry water to the horses and do a LOT of cuddling session and health check ups with my animal fellars. My hands still ache every morning but I think that’s just training to get bulked. HULK ANNIE ARRIVING, PEOPLE!

Third: A knife. Thanks to my friend Flo for the excellent present of a wonderful knife! It was the most effective present one could get on a journey into the wild. I use it to break ice in the feeding dishes, remove rusty wires or else… Very usefull in any way.

Thanks for reading and I will update more soon. WE HAVE BIG NEWS! (Most of you already know but….. Keep updated!)



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