[Annie: ]

“Woodcat, oh once a girl
but not since the incident
Lives in the darkness making friends with the animals.”

Hey everybody.

So this is me again, the second woodcat / wild thing, after 1,5 month of living in the woods with 512 dogs and 5 horses. Today is one of my free days and since I disregarded our little blog too long, here comes an update concerning our outer and inner silence. Something which describes our inner constitution the best and I love german´s etymology and linguistic treasures:

Waldeinsamkeit (f.s.): the feeling and longing of being alone in the woods

What happened:

We roamed a little bit around and our one-weekend vacation took us to Tromsø – Norway where we experienced a little bit of civilization again. Our route lead us through different tundra regions. We started in Äkäslompolo, went up to Muonio up the Pallas – Yllästunturi region heading to Kilpisjärvi where you have a wonderful view on the Saana Fjell. Tundra is defined as treeless frosty steppe and this was exactly how it looked like:


And then suddenly the Tundra left the stage and we arrived in middle earth: Norway`s fjord.

Tromsø port
Tromsø port
And again…
Tromsø City Centre
Of course barbecueing on the campside
The fjords with a view from the Eismeerkathedrale

After that trip the inner constitution changed intensively into that:

Fernweh (n.s.): wanderlust, a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places

I´ve always been a person who wanted to see every single place of the world and who is basically randomly depressed about the fact that one life is too short for the whole world.

So, now stop the negativity, Anniebananie! (Clara would say that. 🙂 )

Update on the dogs:

Unfortunately we needed so say goodbye to some dogs lately. They jumped over the rainbow bridge and are now hunting butterflies with Skadi (the goddess of hunting and the winter). In our dogcamp the retirement centre is taken care of very well. About 150 dogs out of 500 are oldies who settle and rest from their sleddog life until they jump over the pond. We do everything to give them the twilight years they deserve: Super long cuddling sessions, long free run sessions with their friends and of course medical treatment for their issues which old dogs, same as old humans, get to preserve a very high living quality until the end. But in the end it´s always sad to say goodbye.

But so far the sad news. The good news is that Hexe and Camilla are heavy with young and so we soon are able to say hello to a bunch of puppies! Pictures follow!










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