What if.

[Annie:] We finally got out into the woods and had a sleepover side by side with wolf, reindeer and elk. Thanks by the way to my dear friends from Munich who sponsored our trip with amazing THE DUKE gin special arts edition. You were with us in our hearts and livers.

Our friend, colleague and roomie Sarah is experiencing a huge adventure right now. She, her horseman Santano and her dogman Qaanaaq are walking home from Äkäslompolo (FI) to Wewelsfleth (GER). Read about her way home here. Also Sarah (hugs go out to you, wherever you are right now!) advised us to take a bath in the waterfall of Äkäsmylly. Well, with about 10 degrees … I did it! (Sarah, I really freezed my popo off, but it was wonderful! 😉 ) You can sit on moss which grows on the rocks inside of the waterfall, like a frozen but cosy pillow but I nearly drifted away 😉 …


We slept directly in the kota at Äkäsmylly and of course had a barbecue with sausages, bread and snääääck tomatis! When we made our bed, I wanted to make myself a hot water bottle and I was very thankful to find a heavy iron pot at Äkäsmylly and filled it with river water. After I put it in the fire Clara asked me, how the hell I plan to get the pot out again since it had no handholds and was burning hot. I just did not plan that far, since I was so happy that I already have chopped wood, jumped in the river and made fire successfully. There is always a catch, my friends. 😉 But then I did not hesitate, put my sleeves down over my hands and fetched the pot and filled the water in the bottle. Successfully without dying! Jackpot.

And now look at this and be jealous! (Since this evening made me so happy, I could cry every second, because I already miss Lapland so much – I told you about Fernweh, didnt I? I need it in my life, guess I found something truely and purely beautiful. And then it makes you sad, because you know one day you will have to leave again, and then in a glimpse of a moment you just stop and allow the thought: And, what if…? What if I stay? What if I return someday? And then the sun breaks through the clouds and the wind turns down and you feel secure again, asured that Lapland will always welcome you.)






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