It’s puppy time!

Hej everybody! (changed the “y” to the finnish “j”, wow!)

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 9th of May and got surprised by our dog Wolga, soon to be mom… because it was finally time for giving birth. So everybody, welcome her babys:

One of the Bitches did some nice cell division!

Now they are about 3 weeks old and damn, they grow so fast. Now they do not longer look like little bunnies. šŸ˜‰ Wolga gave birth to 10 little doggos which is pretty much. She and her babys are doing very well!

Look (had to turn it to b&w due to lighting problems):


A few days ago they began to open their eyes. They do not see actually anything but shadows, but they already smell and hear sounds pretty good. So I am doing fancy noises to welcome them on earth. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAWEEEEEE……!” Three girls and seven boys who all need a name with the first letter “S”.

After about one week living in the vet office which is diretcly located on the campside, mommy and babys moved into one of our isolated kennels. It has a free run for mommy and an inside box for the babys. The box is big enough for all of them plus mommy. Wolga feeds all of them completely on her own and she is doing very good as a dog mom (unfortunately this could run very different. The mother could abandon one or two pups, especially with such a high number of babys, or other things, which are totally natural but very sad.). The box is also lighted with an infra red light to warm the puppies but it will soon be switched off. Also they started to walk (better plod) on four legs as well. We will keep you updated!

Relaxing with the kitto

Oh and here some special for you: WHERE IS THE KITTO?


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